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Hanging By a Moment

Posted by kitkatkarma on 2010.04.07 at 12:12
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I've just really joined the community, but I have been a FMA fan since 2003. I loved the manga and hated the anime. Now I love both animes, all the manga, all games. I'm still iffy about the movie, but I've been a true blue FMA fan for a long time.

So two days ago I challenged myself to the generic 100 themes challenge. I did not know that the Edwin community had a themes challenge.

But I have started the challenge and am now hoping that maybe some of you would be intrested in reading it. My mother tounge is German, but I have been speaking English for seven years and now live in America. Con crit is appreciated and so is a nice review.

Title: Hanging By A Moment
Author: Kit Kat Karma
Pairing: Edward and Winry
Spoilers: Galore (It's the spoilers for the whole manga and hopefully the ending....)
Notes: "I'm falling more in love with you" Follows 100 themes Challenge

This is a cut link to where it is posted on FF.net :]

Much love!

Cubic K

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