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Ed's height-complex

Posted by yikie on 2009.02.28 at 01:42
I don't know if this is discussed before but...

Always wondered why Edward has such a height-complex?
SURE, he's quite short for his age and is clearly not happy about it,
but still, don't you think he overreacts too much about this?

Here's what I (like to) think:
Remember when Ed asked Winry why she rejected Al and him when they were kids?
And her answer was "I don't like guys who are shorter than me."
See where I'm getting?

Okay, Ed didn't remember the incident, but it must had bothered him back then,
Winry's rejection may even be the reason he has this shorty-complex ;P.
(Poor Ed... but we all know he's growing! He's even taller than Winry know ^^! So Winry has no excuse to reject him anymore ;D!)

This thought makes me feel happy and fluffy inside x3! 

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